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Monday, March 17, 2008

Mt Washington Conditions

One of the neat things about Mt. Washington is that there is a weather station on the summit and you can check in at any time to get real-time weather conditions. Tomorrow (Tuesday), you will be able to see what kind of conditions we are in as we approach the summit, reach it, and then continue on along the Southern Presidentials. And if you check at just the right time you may even see us on one of their summit cameras which are live. To check the conditions throughout the day click here. You can check out the webcams live, too, at any time throughout the day. There are various views but they can all be found here. We'll be on the Jewell Trail starting at 8:00 am and will be on the summit somewhere between 11:30 and 12:00 I'd say. It should take another hour to go the 1.8 miles from Washington to Monroe, and then it depends upon the conditions on the way to Eisenhower and then Pierce. We'll be out long before the sun goes down. And tomorrow should be a perfect photo day so I will be taking my camera along and not spend so much time writing in my head as I've done lately. In other words, expect a great set of photos and a slide show tomorrow night.