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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Slide Show: Blue Skies & Sunshine

While telling a friend about the beauty of Jackson, in an email I described the walk we do on the "Jackson Loop" which takes us out Carter Notch Road to Moody Farm Road to Black Mountain Road then back to our house. I thought I'd add a little visual to what I wrote so I brought a camera with me and took some shots highlighting some of the loop. You can see it here.


Ellen Snyder said...

You've landed in a beautiful place. The scenery, the trails, the bears! The picture here of rooftops with Mt Washington in the back is amazing. If that is your view every day I would never leave.

Anonymous said...

You and Atticus, to cite Thoreau, understand the fine art of Walking. I'd bet you could find enjoyment anywhere outdoors. But to be able to take this loop together everyday must be special indeed.


Anonymous said...

That Atticus is a cutie-pie for sure!!
Oh, yeah, and the scenery isn't too bad either!!!!

Thomas F. Ryan said...

Ellen, we have indeed landed in a perfect place for us. Can't imagine we'll be leaving any time soon. If our dreams continue to come through we'll buy a small patch of land up here and build a little cabin.

John, it is a great place to live and walk. What I like best about it is the way people treat Atticus here. He fits right in.

Thanks Cathy...he is a cutie. I get the best of both: Atticus and this scenery around here.

Sarah Carey said...

Stunning! And who wouldn't want to stay at the Carter Notch Inn -- it's movie-set picturesque!

Thomas F. Ryan said...

Sarah, if you ever stay there you will love Henry, the sheep dog in residence. Here's a link to his page on the Carter Notch Inn website: