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Monday, February 15, 2010

Herring Cove for Sunset

We started the day when a shock of pink sunlight flew in our bedroom window and lit up the loft. I got out of bed and saw the sun rising out of Cape Cod Bay and over the rooftops. It was a beautiful sight; a stunning way to start the day. We were soon out the door but there was no more sun. Instead clouds hung low and made the day seem dreary. And yet there was nothing dreary about our five mile walk along the bike path that loops through the dunes at the Cape Cod National Seashore. The rolling hills and the distance gave us a great work out. At one time we left the bike path and climbed up through the scrub pine and to the top of a dune. Here we sat looking out at the Atlantic Ocean laying beyond other layers of dunes.

After our walk it was back to the condo where I wrote and Atticus napped. Around 4:30 he broke me from my trance with a nose to the leg, letting me know it was time for our walk. We drove to Herring Cove and took in the sunset, although just before the sun sank into the water it was obscured by an off shore storm. Nevertheless we weren't disappointed as the sun cast its rays on the remaining clouds and gave us quite a show. It was a good 90 minute walk made easier by the receding tide and heart lifting by Beethoven's Ninth rising up out of my iPod. It's hard not to feel the miraculous walking on the beach with Atticus, watching the sun set and listening to the symphony Beethoven miraculously created when he was deaf.

I don't imagine we'll have any sun tomorrow as snow is predicted to start around 2:00 a.m. and last through the morning. It will then turn to rain. At least it will be a good writing day.

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