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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Leash & Collar...We Think Not

The problem with Provincetown, as far as my friend Atticus is concerned? It’s the leash law. He stopped in front of this P-Town storefront just long enough to prove his point. (Notice he is sans leash and collar in the photo.) His pausing at that specific spot seemed to say, as he peered over his shoulder at me, “If I’ve got to wear a leash and collar then you have to wear ‘this’”.

Luckily for all involved neither one of us went the bondage route. This photo was taken at one of the only times we were in the downtown even though we stayed in a condo just a few houses off the main drag – pun not intended. We spent our days in the local woods, hiking across dunes, strolling along the beaches and on rare occasions even stopped by the town’s dog park. Yes, a couple of these places had signs saying dogs were not allowed, or they had to be on leash. But winter on the tip of the Cape is different than other times. It appears dogs are allowed pretty much everywhere – including some stores and restaurants.

When we return to Provincetown, and I imagine there will come a day when we will, it will be in winter again, so Atticus can remain free and unfettered. (And so can I, thank God!) Luckily for us we are residents of the ‘Live Free or Die’ state.

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