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Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Spectacular Day on Wood End

Tomorrow we return to Jackson. It's been a wonderful getaway and I'm sure we'll be back. (It will be in the off-season again. I don't think I'd enjoy the crowds of Provincetown during tourist season. As it is during our eight days here other than the Stop & Shop we only went to one other store and that was a visit to the Wired Puppy coffee house this morning.) During our last full day we crossed the 1.2 mile stone breakwater that spans Provincetown Harbor and made our way to the Wood End Lighthouse. Wood End is a remarkable place, as are all the natural spots we visited this week. Better yet, while we saw a couple of people on our way across the breakwater, we didn't see a soul once out on Wood End and it was a great photo day. Check it out here. (The first person to name the song and composer gets a $10 gift certificate to the JTown Deli.)


Anonymous said...

Great Photo's.

Thomas F. Ryan said...

Thank you, Barbara.