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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Walk on the Outer Cape

We arrived on Saturday of the long holiday weekend. (It was also Valentine's Day weekend.) Because of this it was a bit more crowded than I expected on the Outer Cape. But once Monday rolled around it quieted down. And it's not like Atti and I are spending time in the popular downtown hot spots - we've not even been downtown other than to drive through it - even though we are renting a place right in the beautiful West End just a few houses up from Commercial Street. We're either spending our time in the condo, the beaches or along the bike path which loops through some remarkable scenery and has access to both Race Point and Herring Cove. After a little exploration I found a way to turn the five mile loop we've been walking into an eight mile circuit and today we enjoyed the entire eight miles in splendid isolation. It's just what the doctor ordered.

And today, graced with a dusting of snow, we enjoyed the longer loop, which included a lengthy stay at the breezy beach on Race Point. With the help of Josephine Baker I put together a slide show. You can see it here.


Anonymous said...

HI, Looks like you guys are having a great time. I'm jealous when I see the pictures of the beach. Spent alot of time in Chatham years ago....stuff happens and you have to move on. I hope you get everything accomplished that you wanted to. Could of used Atticus today to clean-up the floor!!! Campbell Soup Kid

Thomas F. Ryan said...

I told you, Dawn, Atticus doesn't eat off the floor if we can help it. He's a civilized dog.

Luckily it's a tourist week up there and you can always pick up whatever you've dropped on the floor and serve it to them. Right?

Anonymous said...

Your right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have tourons all over The Valley this week. It will nice to see Atticus' friendly face next week.