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Monday, February 08, 2010

We're Off to Visit Angell; You Should Visit Spicebush Log

Two days ago we stood in surprisingly bitterly cold summit of Mount Jackson. Yesterday we walked the 6.8 mile loop around the bucolic country roads of Jackson. Today we drive into Boston. It’s three hours by car, but a world away in attitude.

Atticus has an afternoon appointment with Dr. Dan Biros, his ophthalmologist.

Nothing to worry about, Atti’s eyes are doing well.

This is a follow-visit to our first appointment with Dr. Biros two months ago. At the time he plucked a few small lashes that were irritating Atti’s eyes and he gave us medication to moisten his eyes. When they tested his tear production in early December his eyes were only producing about a third of what they should have.

I’m no doctor but from the look of things, his eyes seem moister and to be doing well.

While we’re on the road today, fighting traffic before escaping back up to Jackson tonight, I would like to direct you to Spicebush Log, my favorite regular blog read. Today Ellen Snyder, a wildlife biologist and writer, is celebrating her one year anniversary of blogging. It’s been a successful year and I’ve enjoyed following along.
Today’s post concerns her first year and morphs into a touching piece on Bella, their late dog.

Onward, by all means.

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