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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

You Think It's Easy Being A Writer?

You think it's easy being a writer? Try concentrating while this face is looking at you. He's bored because it's raining and we haven't been able to go for our usual five to six mile walk through the dunes. When it became clear cuteness was not cutting it he stood up and gave me a look that says, "Hello! Can you see me now?"

Oh, and by the way, he won. We're going for a drive so we can take a walk in the woods.


Ellen Snyder said...

The pictures of Atticus in the last few blog posts warm my heart. He is the cutest. I would be totally distracted with him staring at me and of course I would use any excuse to get outside.... I like seeing him on that nice white couch too - what else is it for :-)

Cindy said...

I love this and can relate! I have a little 6 pounder Chihuahua. When I'm working on the computer at night she knows when it is 8:00 and time for her walk. She tries everything until I relent and we go for our walk.!

Thomas F. Ryan said...

Thanks Ellen. Yeah, I'm thinking I'll probably keep him around for a while. Knowing your love of the outdoors, it seems as though you and Atticus have a lot in common. He's not happy unless he gets outside for a good fill of adventure and poking around and then just musing a bit.

Cindy, the little ones know how to get our attention more than the big least more than the big ones I've known. I think the little ones feel they have to try harder and their intensity is unmatched.