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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Newburyport Visit (Part 2)

After Bottega Toscana and Licorice & Sloe we were off to see Paul Abruzzi at Jabberwocky Bookstore. Paul's the manager and an easy mark as far as Atticus is concerned. He had no dog biscuits but did share his Cheez-Its with Atti. From Jabberwocky it was off to the Natural Dog where we got together with Dawn Price, who owns the store with her husband Jeff. They are sponsoring Atti's nutritional needs this winter with healthy meals and treats, as they did last winter. They also put up the winning prize for the second music/slide show contest: a gift basket. It was won by Michael and Donna Serdehely of Baltimore, Maryland. They are up in the Whites hiking this week so we picked up the basket for them and will give it to them when we meet them for dinner tomorrow night.