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Monday, February 04, 2008

East Osceola & Osceola: February 4, 2008

After a restless, tossing and turning kind of night (what can I say, I took last night's loss poorly), Atticus and I had an unusual early beginning for our hike up to East Osceola (where he always seems to find a branch to chew) and Osceola, where he decided not too sit all the way down on the summit blocks. This was our second time to East Osceola this winter. You may remember we had to turn back before reaching Osceola last time because of the ice. To get to Osceola we have to go through East Osceola so that means we'll be hitting that summit three times this winter. And it just so happens to be one of my least favorite climbs. It's very steep. Not a lot of photos today or from yesterday and the sepia tone kind of matched my mood after the 18-1 season ended shockingly last night. (PS: I just noticed that in changing the scenes to sepia tone I also changed the size of the photo. Not sure how but I did.)