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Friday, February 22, 2008

Today's Plan: Moriah

This week keeps repeating itself. Another do-over. Thought about the Twins but the rivers are wide open again because of the rain/thaw combination on Monday. Thought about Carters and Cats together but Wildcat Ridge from Wildcat A through Wildcat D is a bear and not broken out. (It will be tomorrow by a group.) Gave serious thought to Lafayette, Lincoln, Liberty and Flume but the weather isn't quite right; almost, but not there altogether. We are supposed to get very little snow this afternoon, starting about noon. It's supposed to be light but at noon that would put us right near Little Haystack and not quite in the trees yet and we've seen what happens as of late when people are on the ridge in blowing snow. We would have been protected once beyond Little Haystack once we got into the trees until the summit of Liberty, back into the trees again until the summit of Flume and it would have been okay. However, I'm very conservative in my approach during questionable weather. So instead Tom and Gary will be here at 7:00, I'll give them the tour of my manse (that should take all of 15 seconds), and then it's off to Gorham for a hike up Moriah.