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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cannon Was Hiked In Memory Of Shilo

"In memory of Shilo, our beloved Dalmatian. Shilo was with us from puppyhood, and moved into our new home with us in 1989. She was a wonderful companion for my kids when they were growing up. She so loved to travel in the car, anywhere we could take the stores, the park, to visit family in North Carolina. We wish she could have spent time with us in our vacation home in New Hampshire. Shilo truly taught our family what unconditional love and courage really is, particularly when she had eye problems and lost most of her hearing and eyesight late in her lifetime. She was a loyal and trustworthy member of our family for 14 years, and brought much happiness to all of us. She taught me how to love animals for the unique gifts they bring us. The day we lost her left a void in our lives, and we miss her greatly to this day. I hope her spirit is with you as you reach the summit of Cannon Mountain." Given by Rick and Suzanne Smith, and our family - Kelly and Scott Antifonario, Wes Sherrard and his fiancé Victoria Garbarino, and our trio of dogs- Chloe, Abbie and Pumpkin.