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Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Tripyramids (Twice?)

(Atti atop North Tripyramid. Been there, done that.)

We're on a mini-run of having company on the trails and I'll tell you, the last two days I'm quite happy for it. It was a deja vu type of hike as we climbed the two Tripyramids, again. Was not quite as painful the second time around but not without pain either and my quads are now feeling it after the steep descent down into the ravine. These two peaks give us 48 peaks. Tomorrow we'll get up early and check the forecast. If it breaks for the better we'll do the four peaks of Franconia Ridge; if it remains as is, we'll probably due Moriah for the second time this week. We'll have company tomorrow, too. Beautiful views today but to be honest I don't think I could get creative enough to do another slide show on the same subject just a day later. Besides, each slide show takes about 3 hours to put together and I'd rather get ready for tomorrow's hike...and Atticus is waiting for me to cook his dinner. Peace. (Oh, and another thing, it's not like I have to drive a lot up here, but it was a pleasure not to have to drive today. It was just change enough for me to be refreshing in this tight routine we are following this winter.)