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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Above Tree Line

The biggest challenge for every winter hiker is to find favorable above treeline conditions. As is always the case it's best to wait until the weather gods invite you out to play, or better yet up to play. There are hikes that require that we keep a close eye on the weather, more so than other hikes. Any hike up the eight Presidential peaks (Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Monroe, Madison, Eisenhower, Pierce, & Jackson) requires the safest conditions. Well, according to this morning's Mt. Washington Observatory Higher Summits Forecast this is what we're looking at for the next 48 hours:

In the clouds w/ a trend towards afternoon clearing under partly cloudy skies. Wind chills 10-15 below.
Highs: mid teens°F
Wind: W 50-70 mph
In the clear under partly cloudy skies. Wind chills 5-10 below.
Lows: mid teens°F
Wind: W 40-60 mph decreasing 30-45 mph
In the clear under partly cloudy skies.
Wind chills 5 below to 5 above.
Highs: upper teens°F
Wind: W 15-30 mph

Today's plan is to hike the two Osceolas where weather won't be a factor and then check the weather at 5:30 tomorrow morning on Mt. Washington and if this forecast stands either hit Washington, Monroe, Eisenhower and Pierce. If the forecast changes for the worse we'll make changes accordingly. Keep your fingers crossed that we get the nice above treeline break tomorrow!