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Sunday, January 13, 2008

East Osceola: January 12, 2008

In turning back after East Osceola and not making it to Osceola yesterday, along with the loss of my camera, threw things out of whack and I forgot to point out that East Osceola was dedicated to Heidi. Since we have to go back to get Osceola anyway, we'll get a summit photo for Heidi's family when we return. Here is the dedication that was sent in by Susan, Ted, Laura and Charlton Hoag...

"In memory of Heidi, the original Hoag family dog. A long-haired German Shepherd who considered it her sole duty in life to keep her kids safe from harm. She became part of our life when my older brother was only two. And she willingly let him, and later me, climb all over her like she was there to act as a personal jungle gym. Ever the protector, Heidi only feared two things: thunderstorms and a tiny eight week old kitten named Mimi. When Mimi entered our lives, our protector spent the first few weeks running away with her tail between her legs! She later decided it was easier to let the cats cuddle with her like the kids. When Heidi passed away, we decided she could not be replaced. We got two puppies to fill the void – but her leash still hangs in the back hallway as a reminder that she was there first." Given by Susan, Ted, Laura, and Charlton Hoag.