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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Music & Lyrics: Our Current Music Contest Is Afoot

For those of you who have contributed any amount of money whatsoever this winter to Angell Animal Medical Center through our efforts, the current music/slideshow game is ongoing. If you're new to this, the winner is the first person to correctly guess the name of seven song titles and artists (or composers if noted) from the music used for our hiking slide shows. The first winner was Joyce Coady, who won our first set of 10 Tom & Atticus greeting cards. The current game started when that one ended and is now five songs old. Once you get seven correct titles and artists (they don't have to be consecutive, meaning you can miss one or two and still have a chance) email me right away. The first person to get seven correct this time gets a generous gift basket from the Natural Dog (it will be suited to either a dog or cat per your wish). It will be sent to you if you are not near Newburyport. The Natural Dog is owned and operated by Jeff & Dawn Price and for the second winter in a row they are sponsoring Atticus' nutritional needs. The current game started with our second Tecumseh slide show on January 16th. Here are the current slide shows for this game, the list of course will grow until there is a winner:
  1. Coming soon...