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Monday, January 28, 2008

Friends We Have Never Met

When we hiked the Willey Range the other day we ran into several individuals and groups who recognized Atticus. Perhaps the most pleasant on that day was Dave Ehringer of Rochester, New Hampshire, a regular reader of this blog. It was nice of him to introduce himself and equally nice to chat with him. Last night he sent along an email with the above photos he took. That's Dave with the beard. I find it interesting that thoughts and words and a common love of the mountains can bring warmth even on a chance meeting with a stranger on a cold mountain range in the middle of January. Even the fictitious Garp noted that a writer does not crave other writers, but readers. It's nice to be read. Dave probably doesn't understand how much his greeting meant to us but I can assure you it is nice to see friendly faces out there, even those of friends who we have never met. I thank him for his email and his photos and hope we run into him again. Thanks for reading along, Dave.