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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Waumbek: January 15, 2008...Dedicated to Jet, Teller, Luci & Thurman

Today we hiked Waumbek, the first peak we have done twice this winter. It was a lovely hike but you'll have to take my word on that one because I screwed up with my new camera and didn't bring along a replacement battery. I got one shot...the trailhead sign...before it died (argghh!). I did have the pleasure of running into Ed Hawkins for the second time this winter. Instead of our photos, of which there is but one, we're featuring the photo sent in by John "Chip" Celenza, who also wrote the following dedication...
"Please dedicate your hike of Waumbek to our three Labs, Jet (almost 13), Teller, (age 8), Luci (age 3) and our cat Thurman (age 10). The three labs, my wife, and I hiked Waumbek in March 2006 enjoying a beautiful day in the woods. A special thanks to Angell where Jet had hip surgery done before she was a year old!