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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

What Atticus Does When The Summit Is Close

A reader of this blog and contributor to Angell Animal Medical Center through our Winter Quest made a request and we're complying. He wanted to know if I had any video of Atticus hiking. Well, yes, I do...but it's not typical of most of our hikes. This video was taken on the climb up Moosilauke, just as we popped out above treeline. As I have written, Atticus stays a constant ten or so yards ahead of me on the trail whether we are moving or not. Until, that is, the summit is close by and then he just takes off as if he knows this is exactly what he's been waiting for throughout the entire climb. In this little video, taken with my digital camera, I made Atti wait and then finally gave him the go ahead to head for the summit.