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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Waumbek: October 3, 2007

Finally, we're home.
A year ago I decided I wanted to sell my newspaper and move up to Lincoln, NH. If I couldn't sell it by December I would just close it. However, just over a month ago I did sell it. Earlier this week Atticus and I moved north.
Today was our first hike in a while, and what will be our first of many hikes to come as residents of New Hampshire. We hiked Waumbek, a 7.2 mile round trip. The woods were simply wonderful with crisp leaves underfoot and a quilt of soft green and yellow overhead.
In the photos above, Atticus poses with the summit cairn, which looks a lot like the Hogwart's Sorting Hat, at least to this writer's eye. In the other photos Atticus poses with the foliage on the way down the path and then a shot of him bouncing happily along.
It's going to take a little bit of time to get into shape, but that's what we're doing up here: hiking and writing.
Tomorrow's plan is to hike Monroe, Eisenhower and Pierce with Drew.

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Unknown said...

I was so happy to read you and Atticus moved north, to your new home. The best news!!!