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Monday, December 20, 2010

Anatomy of a View

As many times as I seen it, I'm still moved by how much this little dog loves the mountains, specifically the views. I'm impressed by the lengths he'll go to, the heights he'll scale, and the amount of time he sits and ponders. Check out this short slide show of the Little Buddha. He ended up sitting on this perch for about fifteen minutes and only came down when I told him it was time to leave.


Karl said...


Wonderful pictures. Is this slide show from your recent Moats trip too? You have great views here and Atticus certainly looks as though he's enjoying himself!

Seeing the pictures makes me wish we could bring our pugs on these types of hikes. Unfortunately, I don't think they would do that well on the treks, for multiple reasons.


Thomas F. Ryan said...

Yes, Karl. These pics are also on the Moats.

My brother brought his pug on a hike but was sorry he did. The snout made it difficult for him to breath.

Jan said...

I love how Atticus sits at the top of the rocks. He's king of the mountains!! :)