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Friday, April 20, 2018

Introducing Atticus & Will's Emporium!

This is a fun day for us!

Several years ago, when our friends Bryan and Suzanne Flagg created a side business making t-shirts and coffee mugs, I teamed up with them to bring Atticus and Will products to our readers. It was a sporadic venture. Now and then we’d come up with a new design, announce it on our Facebook page and our friends were flooded with so many orders and nearly put them out of business. 

After Bryan and Suzanne moved on from making t-shirts and coffee mugs, the demand for Atticus and Will gear remained. However, no matter how hard I looked, I could not find an online store that offered the quality of the mugs and t-shirts we first sold. On top of that, Bryan and Suzanne offered personalized care that is rare to find in contemporary times. 

Now, all these years later, I’m proud to announce a partnership with Stull’s Country Store in Andyville, Kentucky. 

Marlinda and Kim have breathed new life into the little country store in the middle of nowhere. It’s become such a destination, Samwise and I stopped there for a “Will’s Red Coat” book event last summer on our way home from distant travels. It remains one of my favorite events over the past seven years.

Today we are proud to announce the birth of Atticus & Will’s Emporium, an online store offering some of our old favorite products along with a few new ones. This will be a constant online presence, and new items will be added from time to time. 

Now you’ll have to bear with us in the beginning stages since this is new to us and we have no idea how much product will be needed. So today we begin with a soft opening for the next two weeks. Once you head to Atticus and Will’s Emporium, you will see what we are offering, and you’ll notice a “Click Here for Ordering Info” button. When you hit it you’ll see the following:
“We would like for you to take a look at the Emporium and tell us what you think and if you would be interested in ordered something when we go live. If so, please email us the items (sizes, colors, quantity, etc.) at  so we can get an idea of what our inventory our first order may look like!”

(A note: the t-shirts are the same excellent quality we used before. Those who already own them can attest to how comfortable they are. Also, make sure you click on the t-shirt photos to see the back of them as well.)

This will give Stull’s an understanding of how many of each product they need to stock in the beginning while at the same time taking your first orders. Because this venture is new, we’re taking baby steps that will grow into a smooth operation. 

In the past, a portion of the profits was donated to worthwhile organizations. That will remain the case going forward. However, we won’t be limiting it just to animal rescue. Donations will be considered to other non-profits that help land and environmental issues or those that help people in need as well. 

This is a long time coming, but it’s been worth the wait to find another partnership I trusted. I believe you’ll love dealing with Stull’s Country Store and their old-fashioned ways as much as I do. 


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Way to go & here's to new ventures!

Unknown said...

Samwise & Emily soon?

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to start ordering!

Chtistina said...

Wonderful! Congratulations on your new venture and wishing lots of Luck to Stull's Country Store!!

AnnO said...

Just when I thought"hmm my Atticus & Will shirts have (quite) a few stains due to constant winter wearing.. this is great, Tom.

Jabacat said...

Love your merchandise. Can't wait to shop!

mlaiuppa said...

How wonderful. What a legacy for Atticus and Will.

I've never done Facebook, still don't, so I had no idea any of this was going on. It will be nice to have a permanent online place to go to.

Thanks so much.

Unknown said...

Hooray! I always missed the occasional offerings. Can't wait to order!

Terry said...

Congratulations to all of you! I wish you the best of luck and can't wait to see what's available!

Betty Fagen said...

Hi Tom,

Heading over there to take a peek.

So excited for you, Stull's Country Store, and all of us.

I love my previous tee shirts, long sleeve, tees, and mugs.

Best wishes all the way around!

klalbrecht said...

Yippie! I've been trying to find a way to buy the Atticus t shirt and a Will mug. Thank you!

Mary said...

Last week when visiting Meredith, NH I had the pleasure of seeing a rather large poster of Mr.Ryan's book proudly displayed in the front window of the local bookstore. It was so incredibly nice to know that I already had this lovely book back home.
One complaint though. I bought the book for myself as a pre-retirement gift,(5 weeks from now) but got sucked in right away after glancing at the first page. I'm more than half way through it. (Loved the Sophia Loren line!)
Mr.Ryan, you're an awesome person.