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Friday, April 04, 2008

Computer Crash

Luckily I wrote computer and not commuter. I will have to get it fixed when I get back to Lincoln. Hopefully there will be no lasting damage. Yesterday we visited the good folks at Angell, today we're in Newburyport and will listen to one of Angell's doctors, Nick Trout as he reads from his book Tell Me Where It Hurts at Jabberwocky Bookstore. As for those of you who have emailed about the photo in the previous post about the $5,000, Atticus is sitting Sphinx-like on the North Twin view point. Just behind his head, almost outlining his head, is Galehead. Back to the left, that long green hump is Owl's Head. Across the back from left to right is Franconia Ridge (Flume, Liberty, Lincoln and Lafayette). To the right, with barely an edge visible, is Garfield.

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