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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mt. Israel: April 26, 2008

On Saturday Atticus and continued our education in the appraisal of smaller but no less beautiful peaks. Ken and Ann Stampfer introduced us to Mt. Israel, just off the Sandwich Notch Road. The summit gives a wonderful view to the west towards Moosilauke, and to the north, which includes all of the Sandwich Range, from Sandwich Dome across the Tripyramids, Sleepers, Whiteface, Passaconaway, severl lesser peaks, and ultimately Chocurua. It was only a 4 mile round trip so we started at 11:00 and took our time. Along the way we chatted about this and that and got to see the early stages of the budding of some trees, walked along a peaceful brook and saw some spring wild flowers. The visit to the summit was a languid stay where we soaked up the sun and the views. All-in-all a very special place. To make it all the more carefree I have finally finished the first chapter of my book to my liking and it is now ready to be sent in as soon as I finish the rest of the proposal, which is the easy part. As far as the book goes, a dear friend tells me that when she got to the last two sentences of the first chapter she broke down in tears. (Luckily she assured me it wasn't because the writing sucked.) The slide show is a relaxed little number but it fits the hike well.

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