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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ken Stampfer's Photos From Mt. Black

Last weekend we hiked Mt. Black with Ken and Ann Stampfer. We both enjoy our hikes with the Stampfers for various reasons but for me the highlights have to do with with Ann's lively conversation and Ken's photos. This morning Ken sent over some of the photos from that hike. Here they are:

I'm rather excited about today's plans, which have us going to Mt. Israel, a peak I've never been to. It's located in the Sandwich Range and the Little Bug and I have been invited once again to join Ken and Ann. The forecast is for great weather so there should be some great summit shots.

Then we'll come home to see what the Patriots have done with their draft.

The first chapter of the book is down to my liking but I'll admit, it turned out a little differently than I had first pictured it. It's now been sent out to those who are doing the proof-reading/editing for me. I'm looking forward to the feedback. I cannot tell you how freeing it is to have finally got a finished copy I'm happy with done and out to these folks. Much of the rest of the book is already written, but the first chapter, well, that's written for the publishers as much as anyone else. One of the problems came in trying to write something they would like, instead of writing like I am comfortable with. I know have great confidence about this book and about the story I have to tell. We'll soon see what the publishers have to say about it.

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