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Thursday, December 20, 2007

And Then There Were Five

You are helping us to reach one of our goals: to have each of the 48 4,000-footers dedicated for the first round before winter starts this Saturday. Thanks to the Hoag Family, we are now down to only five peaks remaining and we may just make it. Once winter starts and our quest begins, round two will start to fill on it's own, but it is really difficult to get them all filled before it all starts. As I've written before, once we hike a mountain and it hasn't been dedicated, we lose that mountain in our efforts to raise money for Angell Animal Medical Center. I must add that I am even more impressed by Angell than I was before. Some Angell's employees are making dedications for peaks and therefore donating money to the place they work. Think about that, they're taking money they make at work and giving it back to their employers! How many places of employment can you say that about? If they are willing to go to such lengths in their support of a great place, what lengths will you go to?

So here is your assignment: help us to get these last five peaks dedicated to a wonderful animal before Saturday morning. The five remaining peaks are:
South Twin (Taken)
North Twin (Taken)
Cabot (Taken)
South Carter
Middle Carter

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