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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Okay, So Here's Another Photo...It's A Tease For A Coming Story

Take a look at this photo. Tell me what you see? It is of Atticus post-cataract surgery. Notice the shaved legs, the squinty eyes. This is about a week after his surgery and I wanted to get him up and about as soon as possible on two little hikes so we drove north and did Mt. Pemigewasset (Indian Head) and then later in the day did the Welch-Dickey loop. The photo was taken in May before the forest woke up. Here's something else to note about this photo: Atticus is a miniature schnauzer, a "ratter"...and yet notice he has company in the photo. Look to the left of Atticus's head. (If you click on the photo it will expand.) I call this the "Mouse-killer and Mouse". And no, the mouse isn't dead. (I'm actually told the little guy is actually a vole but that doesn't sound quite so intriguing in the title.) They are posing together, or so it would seem. My reason for sharing this with you is that it says something about this little dog and you'll understand it when you read the story that comes with it...and the story is soon to follow.

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