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Friday, December 21, 2007

Those Lonely Carter Boys

The Carter boys must be having flashbacks to when they were kids and the last to be chosen for dodge ball. "Somethings never change," they must be thinking. I'm speaking of course of Middle and South Carter, our last two peaks in round one open for donation. Over the night three more dedications came in. Winter starts in one day and Atticus and I are so very close to reaching one of our goals, of having each of the 48 peaks in round one dedicated by the start of winter. This is one of the things we have no control over but you do and you've come through in a big way. Thank you. Now if only we could do something about those poor, lonely Carter boys. Will no one give them some love in the days just before Christmas? So here we go, for the last time in a little while...the remaining peaks are still open for dedication in round one:
Middle Carter
South Carter

To dedicate one of these peaks
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