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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Before It's Our Turn, It's Your Turn

Our hard work is ahead of us, starting this Saturday. That's when we begin our big push, our 90-day marathon, as it is. But right now we need you to do your part, if you haven't already. We are putting our efforts towards helping the not-for-profit Angell Animal Medical Center and your donations, of any amount, will help this amazing organization. To learn how to donate click here. The following comes from the MSPCA-Angell website: "The MSPCA-Angell owns and operates Angell Animal Medical Centers in Boston and Nantucket Island. Caring for more than 100,000 animals a year, the Angell care network is one of the most acclaimed veterinary practices in the country." That's where your donation goes to, helping animals in need. As of right now there are still 16 peaks left for dedication in the first round. One of our short term goals has been to get each of these peaks sponsored before our quest starts. There has been a push the last few days of people sponsoring peaks but now it's crunch time and there are less than six days left. The following peaks are still available for dedication in round one:

South Twin
Carter Dome
North Twin
Middle Carter
South Carter
North Tripyramid
East Osceola
*To dedicate one of these peaks
click here to find out how or simply email us and we'll take you through the necessary steps. And if you're new to this site, this will give you and idea why we're doing this for Angell Animal Medical Center.

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