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Monday, December 17, 2007

We've Asked And You're Responding...Please Keep Them Coming

With only five days to go before the Winter Solstice you are helping us chip away at our first list of 48 peaks by dedicating them to the animals in your lives. There are still 13 peaks to go but all-in-all we're doing pretty well with the list. Once winter starts and our hiking does, too, the second list will be able to fill up with dedications. The reason I would like to get the first round dedicated before winter is that once we start hiking, if we hike a peak that has not be sponsored we cannot raise money for Angell Animal Medical Center with it. In the last 12 hours three more peaks have been sponsored. The latest is Galehead, sponsored by Diane Wald, and dedicated "to all my cat and dog friends, past and present (and that’s a lot!). Attached is a photo of the present clan of five." The photo is above. Join Diane in helping us with this very unique fundraising event that will run the course of the entire winter.

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