Following Atticus: Forty-Eight High Peaks, One Little Dog, and an Extraordinary Friendship by Tom Ryan is published by William Morrow. It tells the story of my adventures with Atticus M. Finch, a little dog of some distinction. You can also find our column in the NorthCountry News.

Monday, December 31, 2007

Mt. Field Was Hiked In Memory Of Maggie & Taffy

Atticus, on the top photo, is on the summit of Mt. Field. In the second photo are Maggie & Taffy. The dedication for Mt. Field reads like this:

Field (4340 ft): In memory of Maggie and Taffy, our family's wonderful dynamic duo. They became part of our family within days of each other. An unlikely pair, Maggie was the runt of her litter of miniature poodles and Taffy was our first ever golden retriever. Maggie never quite realized that she was a little dog and preferred to play with big dog bones, full-size soccer balls, and anything else that Taffy had in her possession. Taffy was always a lady, elegant and regal, she was the calming influence in a chaotic house of dogs, cats, teenagers, adults, and a constant flow of friends. The two dogs were never without each other. When boarding, they had to share a run and eat together. When being groomed, they had to be done simultaneously. And when the snow would fall Taffy would cut a path through the backyard for Maggie to follow. Mom still has their tags in her bedside table. They were her "good children" as she still reminds us!" Given by Susan, Ted, Laura, and Charlton Hoag.