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Monday, December 24, 2007

Mt. Tecumseh: Christmas Eve, With A Little Video (Below)

The plan was to hike Waumbek, but somehow that didn't happen. Instead we left later than expected and drove in the opposite direction, towards Waterville Valley. A wonderful hike to the 4,003 ft summit of Mt. Tecumseh. We hiked most of it in the dark and when we reached the summit I strung portable Christmas lights around the rock cairn and Atticus and I sat down for an enjoyable Christmas Eve meal in the company of the trees, the strong wind overhead, and the moon, who appeared fashionably late, only after shaking the company of clouds. A very special night up on one of my favorite peaks. We hiked Mt. Tecumseh in honor of Buford the stately bulldog you see above. (More on this hike later.)

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