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Monday, December 31, 2007

A Traveler Finds A Smile...

Two days after Christmas I received the following email from a woman in Washington, DC who was turned onto our site after a visit to Licorice & Sloe. Here's her email: "A Traveler Finds A Smile...

Holiday Greetings!

My husband and I spent Christmas in picturesque Newburyport with family, and we stopped in to Licorice and Sloe on Sunday where I saw the sign about your Winter Quest. I was missing our dogs so very much that day, as we had to leave them here in Washington for the trip up the east coast. I find that it can be easy to feel a little lonely, even in a town full of people, without Clarabelle and Buddy nearby. I visited your website while we sat in the cozy shop, and it just brought a smile to my face. (My husband would also tell you that it brought some tears to my eyes, but we do not need to dwell...)

After what can only be described as a grueling drive home, we were happily reunited with our dogs this morning, and I have spent the past hour exploring your site as they sit with me. I had never heard of MSPCA-Angell or you but I just find you and Atticus to be tremendously inspiring, as so many people do, I am sure. Angell also seems to be a wonderful organization doing so much good for both animals and humans alike.

I have no idea which mountain we want to dedicate (perhaps one with trees as they love the National Arboretum), but you can expect an e-mail with photo and a note with check to arrive soon!

Sarah Carey
(Sarah and her husband later dedicated two peaks. To find out which ones, check out the mountain dedication page.)