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Sunday, December 23, 2007

This Forecast Brought To You By

High: 38°F RealFeel®: 22°F
Cloudy, windy and becoming rainy

Winds: ESE at 16mph
Wind Gusts: 34 mph
Amount of Precipitation: 0.31in
Amount of Rain: 0.31in
Amount of Snow: 0.0in
Hours of Precipitation: 7 Hrs
Hours of Rain: 7 Hrs
Hours of Daylight: 8.9 Hrs
The rain is not supposed to start until 11:00 this morning but that's the difference between summer and winter. In summer we might head out to do a hike, hoping the rain arrives a bit later than expected. Here with the trails slow going, this is a day for hypothermia. And to be honest, I'm not unhappy about it at all since the rest of the week looks promising from this point and, more importantly, after all that trail breaking yesterday, Atti is tired. He never made it to the bed last night, preferring not to move off of his blanket on the couch. Even when I got up this morning he decided not to stir too much when I brought his water bowl over to him for a drink. On days when he works hard, it's important to rest him the day after. Yesterday was not the worst conditions, by any means, but he did have to push through some stuff that was very deep for him. So this morning I'll bake a pie, go for a little walk with him, stretch my muscles out, and then get ready to watch the Pats this afternoon. I'll most likely write about yesterday's hike, too.

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