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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Nice Dedication: Now Only 10 Peaks Left In Round One For Dedication

There's something about a warm message on a cold December night that brings a smile with it. The following dedication just came in:
Dear Tom and Atticus,
My wife and I would like to dedicate your hike to the summit of Mount Jackson to our beagle, Sandy. Within a few days of having Sandy as a pup of 6 weeks, she developed Parvo and nearly died. Because of the love and care from the staff at our local veterinary clinic she was able to live through that ordeal and has given us many years of joy. At 13 years of age she's still going strong and always looks forward to a hike in the woods.

Best of luck,
Michael and Donna Serdehely aka. Jimmy Legs and Little "d"

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