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Monday, December 10, 2007

Two Essential White Mountain Books

There are many books that focus on the White Mountains but the two I found found the most useful and insightful are the two located here to the right. The 4,000-Footers of the White Mountains is the by far the most useful guide to hiking the 48. Wandering Through The White Mountains is not a guidebook, but it is beautifully written and is a collectors item for anyone interested in the White Mountains and hiking. Both books are penned by Steve Smith, although in The 4,000-Footers he is the co-author with longtime hiking columnist and publisher Mike Dickerman. But I warn you, if you get into hiking and get these books beware they could change your life for they changed mine. And the best place to pick up either book is from the Mountain Wanderer Map & Bookstore in Lincoln, New Hampshire. (Or you can get these books by calling in an order to the Mountain Wanderer.) It is owned and operated by Steve Smith and on certain days you may be lucky to find Mike Dickerman there on a visit, too, if you drop in.

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