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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Please Note: There Are Now Two Dedication Slide Shows

Because of the num- ber of dedications we will have this winter, I have had to add an additional slide show tribute. The first is to those pets that have peaks dedicated to them. The second is for those who are having peaks hiked in their memory and you can find that one here. And this fine fellow to the right (I just love this photo and his dignified presence) is Mickey. In Round Two Atticus and I will be hiking Mt. Bond for Mickey. This is what Joyce Coady had to write about her first dog:
"This is my first dog, Mickey. He was a beagle mix who came into my life when I was six years old. I used to think that I picked him out of the litter, but now I know that he picked me – lucky me! He was the best dog and unfortunately, he set the bar high for those who came later. Growing up can be difficult, but I always had someone to talk to and to love. He was my best friend and faithful confidant. Mickey passed away at age 12 and I still grieve for him. Sometimes when I look into Koa’s eyes, I think I see my Mickey – old souls both of them."

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