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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Waumbek For Max, Who Was Laid To Rest Last Week

My brother David is another who loves these mountains. He's the one who got me hooked on them again when in September of 2004 he led Atticus and myself on our first hike up a 4,000-footer. We were joined by other brothers Ed and Jeff. It is one of my favorite family memories as an adult. David is also working on the 4,000-footer list but has a much more sane way of doing them than I do. Translate that to mean he actually has a life outside of these mountains and is taking his time. This past week David put his best friend, Max, a very personable pug, down. Atticus and I also hiked Waumbek with David, Eddie, and Jeff, but that was on a hot, steamy day where breathing the air was like trying to breath through hot soup. The next time Atti and I do Waumbek we'll be doing it in much different conditions than the summer day I did it with my brothers three summers ago. We'll be doing it in the snow and we'll be doing it for Max as my brother has just reserved Waumbek for Max. (Max, your father will miss you a great deal.)

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