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Monday, December 03, 2007

Mountain Dedication Page

If he's willing to go to these lengths a mile above
sea level to make the world a better
place for animals, how far are you willing to go?
Peaks Remain Open For
Dedication On Round 2

Donate to Angell Animal Medical Center by dedicating one of New Hampshire's beautiful 4,000-footers to the pet in your life, or give a mountain in memory to a loved pet that has passed on. We will be attempting two rounds of the 48 and the first round of dedications has been filled. We are now accepting dedications for round two. Here's the current list. If there is no name next to the mountain (they are highlighted), you are free to reserve it for your dedication. (To learn how to donate, click here.)


Washington (6288 ft): Reserved by Ed Boon.
Adams (5774 ft): "We would like to dedicate your hike of Mt. Adams in round 2 to our beloved Weimaraner Elvis and in loving memory to Hunter." Given by David & Susan Adams.
Jefferson (5712 ft): "To our beloved companion and true friend, Bette. You accompanied us on many hikes, always impressing us with your stamina and your fortitude. Your love for us was obvious and the hole that you leave in our lives will never be completely filled. We can only hope that we'll all be together again someday." Given by Brian & Ellen Gregg.
Monroe (5384 ft): "Almost 8 years ago I brought home Marshall and his sister Maxie when they were found as very young kittens in a pet carrier outside of a shopping mall. Over the years, the vast majority of Marshall’s visits to Angell presented a challenge for the medical staff – lots of wriggling, hissing, snapping and the occasional scratch. From the start however, with me Marshall was an entirely different cat. Unless he was sleeping, he followed me from room to room. And when it was time to settle down for the night (or for an afternoon nap on the couch) he was right by my side, snuggled in my arm, purring louder than a Mack truck at the slightest touch. I have so many wonderful, funny, and touching memories of Marshall – too many to recount here – but ones that will stay with me for a lifetime." - Joanne Coluccio. (This is a gift to Joanne and Marshall given by the Angell Angels.)
Madison (5367 ft): "I would like to reserve Madison and dedicate your hike with Atticus to Sandy. Sandy was Duncan Stuart and Louisa Bolick's dog. I work with both of them and know that Sandy was very important to them, particularly Duncan. Sandy had cancer and she passed away yesterday. I know she gave them many wonderful moments. Duncan is an accomplished backpacker and hiker, having summited several major peaks in several continents. Last summer, he summited Vinson Massif on Antarctica, so I know your efforts will be particularly meaningful to him." Given by David Swords.
Lafayette (5260 ft): "My wife and I would like to dedicate this mountain to our two favorite dogs from our childhoods. My wife's family's dog was named Rusty. Rusty was a daschund who was just full of life. She loved my wife's brother in particular so much that my wife's parents would have to lock Rusty up if they ever wanted to discipline my wife's brother. Rusty was always a loyal and friendly companion. The other dog we'd like to dedicate this mountain to is Troubles, my favorite dog from my childhood. Troubles was one of the most intelligent dogs that I ever met, great with kids and still a great watch dog. I wasn't into hiking when Troubles was alive but I know that he would have been a great hiker. One of my favorite stories about Troubles was the time that three loud miscreants were wandering by our house at 2am. The moon was out a bit that night, so we could clearly see their silhouettes. We saw the miscreants trespass onto our neighbor's property and begin checking doors to try to break in. Our neighbor was an elderly widow. Nothing good could come of this. Troubles was going nuts inside our house, so my father let Troubles out. Wow, you have never heard such a racket. It was a dark night, and Troubles was all black, so all the miscreants saw were teeth. We heard a lot of growling and screaming and branches snapping as Troubles chased the miscreants through the woods behind our neighbor's house. After a while my father called Troubles, and he came out of the woods, wagging his tail. The police arrived a few minutes later. We never found out whothe miscreants were, but I assume they never forgot the experience." Given anonymously.
Lincoln (5089 ft): In memory of Toohey. "Toohey was my first pet, a parakeet. He became very hand-tame and would "kiss" me on the nose. And he liked to share my meals. He was with me for 10 years--a good lifespan for a little bird. He's been gone 8 years, but anytime I make spaghetti I still half-expect him to land on the edge of my plate and help himself!" Given by Sarah Hubner.
South Twin (4902 ft): Reserved by Jennifer Couget.
Carter Dome (4832 ft):
Moosilauke (4802 ft): "We’d like to dedicate your round two hike of Moosilauke, our first NH 4000-footer, to our cat Byron, who passed away one year ago. To our dear, beautiful Byron: We hope you’re in a peaceful place with trees to climb, squirrels to chase, and other cool cats to keep you company. We miss you terribly. You are in our hearts, always." Given by Janet Morris and Mike Tohivsky.
Eisenhower (4780 ft): Reserved.
North Twin (4761 ft): "Danka was a beautiful daschund with a tan short coat. We got her when Iwas about 5 years old. She grew up with me. She was very smart and loyal. She passed away when I was in high school and I swore I'd never get another pet. Losing her just hurt so much. A few years later, my parents adopted one cat. Then they took in a pregnant cat I found before leaving for college. I really enjoyed coming home to these cats. I currently have 2 crazy, wonderful cats. I'm glad Danka taught me how much pets make your life better, if it weren't for her maybe I wouldn't be ananimal lover. She helped make me who I am." Anonymous.
Carrigain (4700 ft): "Dedicated to Muffin and Sugarplum, my first and only pets and the two most beautiful cats. During my mom's illness we had to give them away, and now I don't know where they are. It's possible they are still out there living life together, but it's also possible they've moved on to their tenth lives. Either way, my inspiration for this dedication comes from love and gratitude for these most precious friends." Given by Katie Kozin.
Bond (4698 ft): In memory of Mickey. "Mickey was my first dog. He was a beagle mix who came into my life when I was six years old. I used to think that I picked him out of the litter, but now I know that he picked me – lucky me! He was the best dog and unfortunately, he set the bar high for those who came later. Growing up can be difficult, but I always had someone to talk to and to love. He was my best friend and faithful confidant. Mickey passed away at age 12 and I still grieve for him. Sometimes when I look into Koa’s eyes, I think I see my Mickey – old souls both of them." Given by Joyce Coady.
Middle Carter (4610 ft): Reserved.
West Bond (4540 ft): "For Grace, fate brought you to us on a dark day, but you have brought us nothing but sunshine. Your spirit is a bright and shining light. And for all the dogs who are waiting for someone to rescue them, we can only say, 'take a chance and pay it forward, it will enrich your life...'" Dedicated by Joyce Coady.
Garfield (4500 ft): Dedicated to "Dazy, who climbed Garfield with us on September 11, 2005." Given by Samantha Stephen & Dan Perkins.
Liberty (4459 ft): "To Torri's beloved Riley, who brought such joy to her life for so many years. He is missed but always remembered." Given by Sarah Carey.
South Carter (4430 ft): "We'd like to dedicate it to the wonderful Dutch & Elsa who graciously accepted Susie into their home later in their life and withstood the shenanigans of Jake and Riley and all their youthful exuberance with grace and love. To Susie who gave us the beautiful gifts of Jake and Riley. To Jake and Riley, there are no words - we loved you. " Given by Torri and Anthony Zaccagnino.
Wildcat (4422 ft): “We would like to dedicate Wildcat to our beloved kitty-girls, Sophie and Cha-Cha, who bring us boundless joy. And in memory of those we have loved and lost—Moo, Puss and Sebastian.” Given by Mindy Moore & Jeff Patulak.
Hancock (4420 ft): "We dedicate this to all the dogs who brought us joy over the years before we became cat people. Candy, Spot, King and Schultzie gave aid and comfort to Maggie as she was growing up. Skippi and Pippi did the same for Alex. They were our special friends and if they were here today they would say Bravo to you, Atticus and Tom!" Given by Maggie McNally and Alex Krutsky.
South Kinsman (4358 ft): "Dedicated to our cat Nigel." Given by Bob & Judy Porter.

Field (4340 ft):
Osceola (4340 ft):
Flume (4328 ft): Reserved.
South Hancock (4319 ft):
Pierce (4310 ft): "Pierce....dedicated to Layla. Layla climbed her own mountain of fear, and found JOY at the top. Pierce has been a place I've found much pure JOY...lazily lollygaging for hours with my own two Aussies. I am so grateful for everything Layla taught me about taking things slowly, step by step...just like hiking a mountain. When the goal is reached it doesn't matter if it isn't the most magnificent or glorious 'peak', as long as you feel the JOY of reaching it!" Given by Rosie Homer.
North Kinsman (4293 ft): "Dedicated to our cat Nigel." Given by Bob & Judy Porter.
Willey (4285 ft):
Bondcliff (4265 ft): Reserved by Madeleine "Maddy" Monat.
Zealand (4260 ft):
North Tripyramid (4180 ft):
Cabot (4170 ft):
East Osceola (4156 ft):
Middle Tripyramid (4140 ft): Reserved by Christine Vallerand.
Cannon (4100 ft): "In memory of Shilo, our beloved Dalmatian. Shilo was with us from puppyhood, and moved into our new home with us in 1989. She was a wonderful companion for my kids when they were growing up. She so loved to travel in the car, anywhere we could take the stores, the park, to visit family in North Carolina. We wish she could have spent time with us in our vacation home in New Hampshire. Shilo truly taught our family what unconditional love and courage really is, particularly when she had eye problems and lost most of her hearing and eyesight late in her lifetime. She was a loyal and trustworthy member of our family for 14 years, and brought much happiness to all of us. She taught me how to love animals for the unique gifts they bring us. The day we lost her left a void in our lives, and we miss her greatly to this day. I hope her spirit is with you as you reach the summit of Cannon Mountain." Given by Rick and Suzanne Smith, and our family - Kelly and Scott Antifonario, Wes Sherrard and his fiancé Victoria Garbarino, and our trio of dogs- Chloe, Abbie and Pumpkin.
Hale (4054 ft):
Jackson (4052 ft): Reserved.
Tom (4051 ft):
Wildcat D (4050 ft):
"In memory of John and Regina's wonderful Fitz. We know how much you loved him and he will be missed." Given by Torri and Anthony.
Moriah (4049 ft):
Passaconaway (4043 ft):
Owls Head (4025 ft):
Galehead (4024 ft): "To Clarabelle & Buddy, our wonderful dogs and companions. They make us smile every time we come through the door!" Given by Sarah & Bryan Carey.
Whiteface (4020 ft): "I would like to dedicate a mountain to my cat, Minnie Mouse, who has been my inspiration for many years. I found her in a cage, hidden behind an open door, in a shelter in Maine 13 years ago. Though I was not taken with her looks, she seemed to have the sweetest disposition of all the cats I held that day, so I brought her home with me. (She reminded me of a white mouse, hence her name). Since that day, we've had lots of good times and many painful times together. She's been the one constant in my life - always at my side, always comforting, always unflappable, always amusing, and never fails to make me smile. In keeping with her namesake, she has chosen Whiteface. Minnie has been to Angell and has the utmost respect for those who have succeeded in making her the healthy, happy girl she is today." Given by Cheryl Dean.
Waumbek (4006 ft): "Please dedicate your hike of Waumbek to our three Labs, Jet (almost 13), Teller, (age 8), Luci (age 3) and our cat Thurman (age 10). The three labs, my wife, and I hiked Waumbek in March 2006 enjoying a beautiful day in the woods. A special thanks to Angell where Jet had hip surgery done before she was a year old!" Given by John Celenza.
Isolation (4003 ft):
Tecumseh (4003 ft):


Washington (6288 ft): In memory of Red. "I chose Washington since it is named after our first president and "Red" was my first horse. In the 16 yrs we had together, he taught me more than I could ever explain about life and humility. He always made my heart smile when I was near him! Although I'm lucky enough to have 3 other horses, I still miss him terribly." Given by Terry Berns.
Adams (5774 ft): In memory of our beloved and adored cat Amadeus, whom we lost to a rapidly developing cancer in 2003. Given by Mona Sigal M.D. and Julien Vaisman M.D. Corporate sponsorship by Pain and Wellness Center, Inc. of Peabody, Massachusetts.
Jefferson (5712 ft): Dedicated "To Wilson, our great boy and loyal companion." Donated by Doug & Lorrie Locy.
Monroe (5384 ft): In memory of Bosco Riley. Given by Peter Riley.
Madison (5367 ft): Dedicated to "Ruger, who along with Magnum (our other dog) are our best friends!" Donated by Kevin & Mary Dunham.
Lafayette (5260 ft): "To Jacob." Donated by Donna M. Gagnon.
Lincoln (5089 ft): "In memory of Maggie and in honor of Heidi - the greatest two springer spaniels to ever grace the earth”. Given by Kathleen Santry.
South Twin (4902 ft): "In memory of our neighbors' collie Shanena; who passed away several years ago at the age of 13. Of all the collies she owned, Shanena will always have a special place in her heart. And to everyone who knew her." Given by Michael and Donna Serdehely.
Carter Dome (4832 ft): Reserved by Steve & Carol Smith.
Moosilauke (4802 ft): Dedicated "To my best friend and hiking partner, Sheep." Dedicated by Bill Peregoy.
Eisenhower (4780 ft): "I would like to dedicate Mt. Eisenhower to my son's cairn terrier, Angus, who died in November, 2006. Angus was Archie's constant companion and best friend for many years and actually to be honest--there were two dogs named Angus that spanned Archie's life from age 4 to 16. When the first Angus died tragically after being hit by a car in 1998, Archie (at age 8) mourned him so that it seemed the only thing to do was to try and replace him which we did, with another cairn terrier that looked identical and that Archie also named Angus. Somehow, in our memories we forget that they weren't really the same dog. Anyway, they were wonderful pets and we loved them very much, so I guess I am really asking to dedicate this mountain to two little cairn terriers named Angus who were greatly loved by a little boy and who helped him grow up into a fine young man." Given by Beth Maddaus.
North Twin (4761 ft): "In memory of my Dazy dog. I adopted Dazy from a family in Campton, NH shortly after I graduated from college. She was 10 months old at the time, and came with the name Daisy (which I changed to Dazy as she was a bit of a basket case). Dazy had been given away as a pup, but later returned to the family—something about a boyfriend who wasn’t very kind to her. It would take a long time for her to fully learn to trust. She would always be a shy dog. Dazy and I spent our life together in Ashland, NH. Her ashes are buried at the top of the hill that overlooks I93 and Burger King. It was our favorite after work walk/hike. Dazy always liked to sit high and take in the view. Given by June Rogier and John Gutowski.
Carrigain (4700 ft): "In memory of Cece. She's still alive but I lost her in the divorce 2004. She has a few peaks on her resume including Froze To Death Mountain (11,792') in MT, Mt. Washington in 40 degrees and horizontal rain, made it past the Key Hole on Longs Peak, CO, before I bailed out from high altitude fatigue. And she was with me for hundreds of trail runs, never more than 2 feet away unless she saw a squirrel she had to chase." Given by Mats Roing.
Bond (4698 ft): "To my best 4 legged hiking partner and great friend Baxter. I’ve chosen Mt. Bond to dedicate to you because it’s name symbolizes the mutual friendship we have developed and the companionship we share. I truly cherish our relationship and look forward to many more miles on the trail together." Given by Rolly Morris.
Middle Carter (4610 ft): Dedicated to Eva, a Dusky Conure, beloved companion of the late Juanita Ponte.
West Bond (4540 ft): In memory of Rufus. "Rufus ruled our family for nearly 14 years, refusing to relinquish his role even after the children arrived. He was never an outdoor adventurer; had we tried to take him hiking he would have sat down and demanded to be carried. Nevertheless, we are pleased to dedicate our favorite 4000-footer, West Bond, to his memory." Ann & Ken Stampfer. Given by Ken & Ann Stampfer.
Garfield (4500 ft): In memory of Banshee, "My first labrador, Banshee had hiked Garfield many years back. He also had some amazing treatment done for him at Angell." Given by John "Chip" Celenza.
Liberty (4459 ft): In memory of "my wonderul small bodied but big spirited cat, Samantha". Given by Karla Ruzicka.
South Carter (4430 ft): Dedicated to Jebbs, Dusky Conures, a friend and companion of Irene Gomez.
Wildcat (4422 ft): "In loving memory of Barney (a.k.a. Barnyard) the Bichon who loved to travel to NH and be on the lake every weekend. He is terribly missed by us and his cat brothers/sisters." Given by Laurie A. Garron.
Hancock (4420 ft): "For all the residents of Flying Collie Farm: past, present and future." Dedicated by Hailey Klein.
South Kinsman (4358 ft): "I would like to dedicate South Kinsman in honor of 2 very special boys. The 1st is Regal, my very 1st Flat-coated Retriever, who is one of my best friends and was physically my nearly constant companion for over 8 years. He passed away suddenly of cancer in February 07. And the 2nd is Mason, a German Shepherd Dog, who was Regal’s best dog friend belonging to our friend, but who I don’t get to see as often as I would like anymore. Both are two truly exceptional creatures and friends. Always ready for an adventure, and always going though life with a positive outlook, ready to meet a new day. I am lucky to have them be a part of my life." Given by Katrin Andberg.
Field (4340 ft): In memory of Maggie and Taffy, our family's wonderful dynamic duo. They became part of our family within days of each other. An unlikely pair, Maggie was the runt of her litter of miniature poodles and Taffy was our first ever golden retriever. Maggie never quite realized that she was a little dog and preferred to play with big dog bones, full-size soccer balls, and anything else that Taffy had in her possession. Taffy was always a lady, elegant and regal, she was the calming influence in a chaotic house of dogs, cats, teenagers, adults, and a constant flow of friends. The two dogs were never without each other. When boarding, they had to share a run and eat together. When being groomed, they had to be done simultaneously. And when the snow would fall Taffy would cut a path through the backyard for Maggie to follow. Mom still has their tags in her bedside table. They were her "good children" as she still reminds us!" Given by Susan, Ted, Laura, and Charlton Hoag.
Osceola (4340 ft): In memory of Buttons. "Buttons was a very special dog. I rescued her from the pharmaceutical company of which I am an employee. In reality she rescued me. I adopted her at age 11 months and she passed away last year on her birthday at age 13. She was the first dog that I had as an adult and we were kindred spirits. She had an Irish attitude and would turn and walk away from me when I was reprimanding her as if to say "Talk to the tail". She was a faithful friend and filled my life with happiness. Losing her was like losing a piece of myself. I have her ashes and will scatter them when I retire in Maine. When you reach the peak of Mt Osceola, please dedicate your climb to my friend, Buttons. I hope to see her again some day." Given by Judith Anderson and family and dogs Bailey, Jake, Cody and Haley (the terrible trio of German Shorthaired Pointers).
Flume (4328 ft): Reserved by Deb Scott.
South Hancock (4319 ft): "For Whittles and Finn and most especially for Lil, forever the fearless leader of all the collies at Flying Collie Farm." Given by the Collies at Flying Collie Farm.
Pierce (4310 ft): In memory of Chip." Given by Tom & Nicole Salemi.
North Kinsman (4293 ft): "In honor of Trail, my best friend and hiking partner". Dedicated by Kim Dunham.
Willey (4285 ft): "In loving memory of Clifford, Annie, Oliver & Lizzie, four of the sweetest cats who ever lived!" Given by Dorothy Fairweather.
Bondcliff (4265 ft): In memory of "Benjamin, my very first dog, and the strongest hiker I have ever known. He weighed about 33 lbs and was a Beagle/Schnauzer mix (so they thought). He is also the reason why I started hiking and camping way back when. Ben was one incredible mountaineer. Although he needed a boost now and then on the steeps, there wasn't anything he couldn't handle. He always hiked (ran) off leash and there was no holding him back. If I hiked 10 miles, he surely did 20+. On arriving at our destination, he would leap out the car window and get moving. He wore a bell because I was so worried that he would get lost. Never happened. In fact he led me out of the woods when I got lost on several occasions. He lived to almost 15 years of age and hiked 6 miles on the Lincoln Woods trail the week he died. He could no longer climb but still loved to walk. He lives forever in my heartand is sadly missed." Given by Madeleine "Maddy" Monat.
Zealand (4260 ft): "We would like to dedicate Mt Zealand to our three cats, our best friends, who have all passed on in the last few years. Their names were Marty, Hannah and Abigail. They all had their own personalities and their own quirks, but they were all much loved, and are sorely missed." Given by Tim & Valerie Charboneau.
North Tripyramid (4180 ft): "I would like to dedicate a peak in honor of Abby, of our fantastic golden retriever. She was diagnosed with lymphoma after a summer of playing on the beach on Cape Cod. She was not herself over Labor Day weekend and by the second week in September we had learned that she was battling a disease that is becoming more common to her breed and that she needed immediate treatment. She is being treated in Red Bank, NJ (closest to where my family lives) at an amazing facility which my mother said reminds her so very much of Angell. Her treatment is nearing the end of its course and she has been in remission for the past month. Her spirits (as well as ours) are high! She is romping like a puppy through the snow–although at almost 11 years old, she's a little more cautious on the ice, aren't we all? She is our Christmas present this year and will be showered with gifts accordingly. Abby is the greatest thing that has ever happened to our family–she brings out the absolute best in everyone." Given by Susan, Ted, Laura, and Charlton Hoag.
Cabot (4170 ft): Dedicated to Lydia, who is the dog of Joanna, my manager at work, she is a well loved dog. Given by Steve Hayes.
East Osceola (4156 ft): "In memory of Heidi, the original Hoag family dog. A long-haired German Shepherd who considered it her sole duty in life to keep her kids safe from harm. She became part of our life when my older brother was only two. And she willingly let him, and later me, climb all over her like she was there to act as a personal jungle gym. Ever the protector, Heidi only feared two things: thunderstorms and a tiny eight week old kitten named Mimi. When Mimi entered our lives, our protector spent the first few weeks running away with her tail between her legs! She later decided it was easier to let the cats cuddle with her like the kids. When Heidi passed away, we decided she could not be replaced. We got two puppies to fill the void – but her leash still hangs in the back hallway as a reminder that she was there first." Given by Susan, Ted, Laura, and Charlton Hoag.
Middle Tripyramid (4140 ft): In memory of Rommel, one man's best friend. Given by Tom Jones and Terry Berns.
Cannon Mountain (4100 ft): In memory of our sadly missed companion, Cannon, a great cat. Given by Kim and Rick Caston. Corporate sponsorship by the Pemi Cabins, Lincoln, NH.
Hale (4054 ft): "I would like to dedicate Mount Hale to my beloved Lab/mix Boomer." Dedicated by Cindy Perrault.
Jackson (4052 ft): "My wife and I would like to dedicate your hike to the summit of Mount Jackson to our beagle, Sandy. Within a few days of having Sandy as a pup of 6 weeks, she developed Parvo and nearly died. Because of the love and care from the staff at our local veterinary clinic she was able to live through that ordeal and has given us many years of joy. At 13 years of age she's still going strong and always looks forward to a hike in the woods." Dedicated by Michael and Donna Serdehely
Tom (4051 ft): In memory of "Bucky, our Wire Hair Rat Terrier whom we miss very much." Given by Ron and Ann Follo.
Wildcat D (4050 ft): Dedicated to "Magnum, who along with Ruger (our other dog) are our best friends!" Donated by Kevin & Mary Dunham.
Moriah (4049 ft): "I would like to dedicate Moriah in honor of my doberman, Kekoa. That big goofy smile makes my heart happy. A big dog with a big heart, he is loved by all who know him." Donated by Joyce Coady.
Passaconaway (4043 ft): "I would like to dedicate Passaconaway to my two dachshunds Dash & Lucky, affectionately known as 'the Racket Brothers'." Given by Laini Shillito.
Owls Head (4025 ft): In memory of Domino. "Domino, I'm sorry for what I had to do. My heart will always be with you. You are my best friend, I'll see you someday." Given by Kathy Patchen.
Galehead (4024 ft): "I dedicate Galehead to all my cat and dog friends, past and present (and that’s a lot!). I've attached is a photo of the present clan of five." Donated by Diane Wald.
Whiteface (4020 ft): "In memory of my dog Striper." Given by Keith Cunningham.
Waumbek (4006 ft): Reserved by David Ryan for Max.
Isolation (4003 ft): In memory of Sammy. Given by Jeff Veino.
Tecumseh (4003 ft): Dedicated to "My dog, my loyal companion, Buford." Dedicated by Susan Taylor Randall.

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