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Monday, December 03, 2007

More Snow

It's a hot cocoa and ginger snap kind of day. Some good snow up here and if my calf were feeling a wee bit better (it is better than this weekend but I'm still limping) I'd have my snowshoes on to clear a path through the woods behind us for Atticus. We've probably got seven or so inches so far with on and off again snow expected through the rest of the night. We did come upon this wonderful Christmas tree just down the street and we sat for a while by the Pemi watching the river run. (Who needs a yule log when you have your own snowy video set with Charlie Brown Christmas music?) The posts will get more interesting once I'm able to hike again and especially once winter starts. Because of the weather and my calf, I've been working on my little side business up here: Tom & Atticus White Mountain Adventures Greeting Cards. I'm using the photos from our hikes to make the cards. It won't be enough to get rich but it will bring in some money and Angell Animal Medical Center will also get a cut.

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